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Cyd is a given name, and may refer to:

  • Cyd Adams (1949–2005), American poet and academic
  • Cyd Charisse (1922–2008), American dancer and actress
  • Cyd Gray (born 1973), Trinidad and Tobago footballer
  • Cyd Hayman (born 1944), English actress
  • Cyd Ho (born 1954), full-time legislative councillor of Hong Kong's Legislative Council
  • Cyd Zeigler Jr (born 1973), American sportswriter

In fiction:

  • Cyd Sherman, more commonly referred to by her in-game alias "Codex", the central character of web series The Guild

Usage examples of "cyd".

The sounds of sirens and yelling in the distance grew louder, and Cyd felt the pull even more.

And the unnerving sense of being followed by something dark and angry that never went away had burst forth now and again to scare the hell of Cyd so badly she had to call Dain on the phone to come over and sit with her.

The first picture was Cyd from before she disappeared, looking grim and tired, grown old before her time.

The werewolf jangled some coins in his pocket, and Cyd had to admit the offer of payment was tempting.

Frustrated, Cyd turned away and ducked into the shadows of the overhang from the building next door.

And as the water gushed wastefully into the basin, Cyd just stared in shock as the florid blisters from the third-degree burn caved in and lightened, and her skin returned to normal.

Spooked, Cyd jumped backward, knocking a jar of utensils onto the floor in a clatter.

In this case, he and Cyd seemed to be falling over themselves to impress each other with their coolness and professionalism.

Finn watched Cyd crouch on the parking lot floor, examining systematically, disassembling and reassembling a couple of different weapons, picking out and trying on some of the light armor, fitting out a utility belt.

He stopped at the ledge, Cyd moving up next to him, not the least bit concerned by the height, nor apparently by the fact that he was readying a belaying line.

Eyes watering, lips stinging as they began to go numb, Cyd gritted her teeth and forced herself not to completely panic even as he applied more pressure.

Pinned beneath him and struggling, Cyd screamed and writhed in horrified anticipation.

And somehow, no matter how reasonable the suspicion was under the circumstances, Cyd lost her mind a bit.

He kicked the door closed with his boot and pushed Cyd up against it, pressing his mouth to her bare throat.

The run-in with the agent after the job with Cyd had suggested he could take on a demon if he had to.