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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1951, back-formation from cybernetics. Greek kybernetikos meant "good at steering."


a. 1 Of or relating to cybernetics—the mathematical study of communication and control in the animal and the machine. 2 Of or relating to computers and internet.


adj. of or relating the principles of cybernetics; "cybernetic research"

Usage examples of "cybernetic".

After much exciting hounds-and-fox action on Earth, Bravais is himself eventually harvested, waking as a cybernetic tank on a lunar battlefield.

Sam Musso the cybernetic synthezoid who had to have extra multiplexers put into his head?

What but cybernetic technology had allowed, the downloading of those patterns that were human personality into organometallic matrices, and their joining to form something immensely more than the sum of them, and its fostering and guidance of nature everywhere around a whole world?

Therefore Tamara must continually cleanse herself of evil thoughts and negative programs lest she be found unworthy of this cybernetic heaven and the church elders denied her the grace of vastening.

His servomotors became sluggish, as his cybernetic nervous system was assaulted by powerful beams.

He knew, as a matter of fact, that there had been several nasty, meticulously unpublicized, near-catastrophes at the Long Island Nuclear Reaction Plant, all involving the new Doernberg-Giardano breeder-reactors, and that there had been considerable carefully-hushed top-level acrimony before the Melroy Engineering Corporation had been given the contract to install the fully cybernetic control system intended to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

PROLOGUE Standing there, on the bridge of his Nebulon-B frigate, the pirate Urias Xhaxin clasped his cybernetic left hand to the small of his back with his right hand.

And, as the previous section on Habits of the heart makes obvious, Bellah has become quite sensitive to the importance of qualitative distinctions and ontological values in providing the meaning component of the desired integration, none of which can be covered by cybernetic or systems theory.

So there were padded chairs and a luxurious bed, thick carpets on the floor and a well-stocked drinks cabinet, but no cybernetic toys or diversions, no holo views or personalized illusions on his walls.

Nonpol, however, was not officered by incompetents but experts who knew enough of the situation to realize that the cybernetic brain now in virtual control of the Earth might have other means of observation.

The Mechanists have cybernetic mining machinery that is generations ahead of ours.

They slammed in with the cybernetic precision of the Mechanists, with the slick unsettling brilliance of the Reshaped.

Only the cybernetic theoreticians went slowly mad, unable to explain what was happening or why.

There were ten tables running down the middle, fitted with test rigs and the various cybernetic tools the armourers used.

Its conclusion: Yes, given a brilliant man applying Belloni matrices to cybernetic formulas and using some unknown kind of colloidal probe, a psychological masking technique was plausible.