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Cyanea may be:

  • Cyanea (jellyfish), a genus of jellyfish in the family Cyaneidae
  • Cyanea (plant), a genus of Hawaiian plants in the family Campanulaceae
  • An ancient Greek name that means "blue sky" and in the Greek alphabet it's written "Κυάνεια"
  • Cyanea, a species name
Cyanea (jellyfish)

Cyanea is a cosmopolitan genus of stinging jellyfish, primarily found in northern waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The same genus name has been given to a genus of plants of the Hawaiian lobelioids, an example of a parahomonym (same name, different kingdom).

Cyanea (plant)

Cyanea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Campanulaceae. These Hawaiian lobelioids are endemic to Hawaii. They grow in moist and wet forest habitat. Its name in Hawaiian is hāhā.

Over 90% of Cyanea species are found only on one island in the Hawaiian chain.

Most Cyanea are trees with few branches or none. The inflorescence is a raceme of 4 to 45 flowers which grows from the leaf axils. The fruit is a fleshy berry. There have been several theories regarding the evolution of large prickles on plants endemic to islands that lack any mammalian or reptilian herbivores. One such theory suggests that the prickles are a defense against herbivory by the moa-nalo, a few taxa of flightless ducks that were made extinct from the islands relatively recently, within the last 1600 years.

Cyanea flowers are pollinated by birds such as the Hawaiian honeycreepers, and the seeds are dispersed by birds that take the fruits.

There are about 78 species in the genus.

Species include:

  • Cyanea aculeatiflora – Haleakala cyanea
  • Cyanea acuminata – Honolulu cyanea
  • Cyanea angustifolia – hāhā, 'aku,
  • Cyanea arborea – palmtree cyanea
  • Cyanea asarifolia – gingerleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea aspleniifolia – spleenwort cyanea
  • Cyanea calycina – Waianae Range rollandia, O'ahu cyanea
  • Cyanea comata – Maui cyanea
  • Cyanea copelandii – treetrunk cyanea
  • Cyanea coriacea – leatherleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea crispa – Koolau Range rollandia
  • Cyanea cylindrocalyx – splitleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea dolichopoda – long-foot cyanea
  • Cyanea dunbariae – ravine cyanea
  • Cyanea eleeleensis – eleele cyanea
  • Cyanea fissa – Kauai cyanea
  • Cyanea floribunda – Degener's cyanea
  • Cyanea giffardii – Kilauea Mauna cyanea
  • Cyanea glabra – smooth cyanea
  • Cyanea grimesiana – splitleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea habenata – stream-bed cyanea
  • Cyanea hamatiflora – wetforest cyanea
  • Cyanea hardyi – Oahu cyanea
  • Cyanea hirtella – rustyleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea horrida – prickly cyanea
  • Cyanea humboldtiana – Oahu rollandia
  • Cyanea kahiliensis – spoonleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea kauaulaensis
  • Cyanea kolekoleensis – kolekole cyanea
  • Cyanea koolauensis – Palolo Valley rollandia
  • Cyanea kuhihewa – Limahuli Valley cyanea
  • Cyanea kunthiana – Kunth's cyanea
  • Cyanea lanceolata – lanceleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea leptostegia – giant kokee cyanea
  • Cyanea linearifolia – linearleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea lobata – Waihee Valley cyanea
  • Cyanea longiflora – ridge rollandia
  • Cyanea longissima – streambank cyanea
  • Cyanea macrostegia – purple cyanea
  • Cyanea mannii – Mann's cyanea
  • Cyanea marksii – Marks' cyanea
  • Cyanea mauiensis – Maui cyanea
  • Cyanea mceldowneyi – McEldowney's cyanea
  • Cyanea membranacea – papery cyanea
  • Cyanea munroi – Munro's cyanea
  • Cyanea obtusa – bluntlobe cyanea
  • Cyanea parvifolia – Waioli Valley rollandia
  • Cyanea pilosa – hairy cyanea
  • Cyanea pinnatifida – sharktail cyanea
  • Cyanea platyphylla – puna cyanea
  • Cyanea pohaku – pohaku cyanea
  • Cyanea procera – Molokai cyanea
  • Cyanea profuga – Mapulehu Valley cyanea
  • Cyanea purpurellifolia – Panaluu Mountain rollandia
  • Cyanea pycnocarpa – manyfruit cyanea
  • Cyanea quercifolia – oakleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea recta – Kealia cyanea
  • Cyanea remyi – Remy's cyanea
  • Cyanea rivularis – plateau cyanea
  • Cyanea salicina – willow cyanea
  • Cyanea scabra – harsh cyanea
  • Cyanea sessilifolia – sessileleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea shipmanii – Shipman's cyanea
  • Cyanea solanacea – popolo
  • Cyanea spathulata – spoonleaf cyanea
  • Cyanea st.-johnii – St. John's rollandia
  • Cyanea stictophylla – Kaiholena cyanea
  • Cyanea superba – Mt. Kaala cyanea
  • Cyanea truncata – Punaluu cyanea
  • Cyanea undulata – leechleaf cyanea

Usage examples of "cyanea".

Anemone japonica, Aralia Sieboldi, Asters, Chrysanthemum, Lilium auratum, Origanum pulchellum, Petasites vulgaris, Physalis Alkekengi, Primula vulgaris flore-pleno, Saxifraga Fortunei, Stokesia cyanea.

Jasminum nudiflorum, Petasites vulgaris, Physalis Alkekengi, Stokesia cyanea.

Anemone japonica, Aralia Sieboldi, Asters, Chrysanthemum, Lilium auratum, Origanum pulchellum, Petasites vulgaris, Physalis Alkekengi, Primula vulgaris flore-pleno, Saxifraga Fortunei, Stokesia cyanea.