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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Primary colours cyan, magenta and yellow.
▪ The cyan sheet would, of course, be blank.
▪ There came a time when he doubled back after the others had gone on the trail taking their cyan hardness with them.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1889, short for cyan blue (1879), from Greek kyanos "dark blue, dark blue enamel, lapis lazuli," probably a non-Indo-European word, but perhaps akin to, or from, Hittite *kuwanna(n)- "copper blue."


a. Of the colour cyan. n. A colour between blue and green in the visible spectrum; the complementary colour of red; the colour obtained by subtracting red from white light.


n. a blue-green that is one of the primary pigments


adj. a bluish shade of green [syn: bluish green, blue-green, teal]


Cyan ( or ) is a greenish-blue color. It is evoked by light with a predominant wavelength of between 490520 nm, between the wavelengths of blue and green.

In the subtractive color system, or CMYK (subtractive), which can be overlaid to produce all colors in paint and color printing, cyan is one of the primary colors, along with magenta, yellow, and black. In the additive color system, or RGB (additive) color model, used to create all the colors on a computer or television display, cyan is made by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light. Cyan is the complement of red; it can be made by the removal of red from white light. Mixing red light and cyan light at the right intensity on a black screen will make white.

The web color cyan is synonymous with aqua. Other colors in the cyan color range are teal, turquoise, electric blue, aquamarine, and others described as blue-green.

Cyan (disambiguation)

Cyan is a range of colors in the blue/green part of the spectrum.

Cyan may also refer to:

  • Cyan (Three Dog Night album), 1973
  • Cyan (Closterkeller album)
  • Cyan (band), a British progressive rock band
  • Cyan (cat), a cat in the Japanese manga series Free Collars Kingdom
  • Cyan (comic strip character), a character in the Norwegian comic strip Nemi
  • Cyan Garamonde, a character in the role-playing game Final Fantasy VI
  • Cyan Worlds, a computer game company
  • Cyan, Inc., a telecommunications company
  • Tor Cyan, a character in the science fiction-oriented comic 2000 AD
  • Cyan Fitzgerald, a character from Spawn comic books
Cyan (Three Dog Night album)

Cyan is the tenth album by American rock band Three Dog Night, released in 1973.

Cyan (band)

Cyan is a British progressive rock band original formed by Rob Reed in 1984, but which split up after a few performances and one demo tape. In 1991 Rob Reed ( Magenta, Trippa) received a letter from a French fan who had received the original demo from Nick Barrett (of Pendragon and a fan of the band) and was amazed that there was still an interest in Cyan.

Reed re-recorded the five original tracks in his own studio, playing all instruments and singing, which attracted label interest from the Dutch label SI. During early 1993 Rob recorded new material, and included some of the previously re-recorded tracks from the last demo for the release of For King And Country in May 1993. It was very well received and resulted in various TV and radio appearances.

Cyan (Closterkeller album)

Cyan is the fifth studio album by Polish gothic rock band Closterkeller. It was released on April 29, 1996 in Poland through Izabelin Studio/PolyGram Polska. The album was recorded at Izabelin Studio from February to March, 1996. The cover art was created by Martin Pietraszkiewicz.

Usage examples of "cyan".

Lady from Skye rode through the gates of Gloinmere to marry Regis Aurum, King of Yves, an old woman in her retinue caught the eye of Cyan Dag as he stood in welcome with the knights of Gloinmere.

She followed the fence till she saw lights, the bleary all-night cyan blue flooding over everything, revealing a wide-open field of fire between the gate and the nearest barracks, about a hundred yards inside it.

Dominating the western horizon was the black bulk of the Ecclesiarch Palace, its slab-like towers over two kilometres tall, their uplink masts stabbing high into the cold, cyan sky.

As he gunned his vehicle out into the street, the most intense light source was the rope of cyan bolts ripping skyward from the cupola of the leading tank.

He, Judi, Cyan, and Liz took a shuttle out to the launch site, a point, high over the asteroid belt, where the impactor coasted, waiting for the main beam.

Cyan Gem, the middle sisters, had earned honors in science at Newmarch University and won research assistantships at the core-star observatory, studying the newly emergent planetics.

The cyan bolt blew a basin the size of a dinner plate into the rock face on which the Molt was homing.

The tri barreled power guns raking Molt hiding places with counterfire cycled so quickly that, like droplets of water in a fountain, the individual cyan flashes seemed to hang in the air instead of snapping light-quick across the valley.

Hawker fired and the Molt sagged in on himself, spitted on a trio of amber tracks: smoke concealed the normal cyan flash of the power gun but shock waves from the superheated air made their own mark on the brush of high-frequency sound.

The pistol shot an instant earlier could almost have been a proleptic reflection, confused in memory with the sun-bright cyan glare of the tank cannon--and, by being confused, forgotten.

There was a stab of magenta, a rapid twinkle of sapphire and cyan, then a scattershot of moving saffron and ruby dots on the icy wall.

But it is blinking in a yellow-green wavelength that to our eyes is completely obscured by the cyan emissions of the force field.

Runesong and Cyan Gem, the middle sisters, had earned honors in science at Newmarch University and won research assistantships at the core-star observatory, studying the newly emergent planetics.

The brasswork of the oncoming wagon glistened in the midday sun like spun gold, and the cyan paint shimmered metallically, and a brown canvas was strapped over the wagon bed, hiding whatever the cargo might be.

For the sake of coolness he was attired in a short sleeveless robe of cyan blue and silver, symbolic of the Guild of Creators.