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interj. (context Internet slang English) (alternative spelling of see ya English)


CYA may stand for:

  • California Youth Authority, renamed California Division of Juvenile Justice in 2004
  • Canadian Yachting Association, Canada's organization for controlling the water
  • College Year in Athens, an English language study abroad program located in Athens, Greece.
  • Cover your ass, a defensive practice against legal penalties or criticism
  • Cy Young Award, an honor given annually in baseball to the best pitchers in Major League Baseball
  • Cyanoacrylate, a fast-acting superglue
  • Cyanuric acid, a chemical compound with the formula (CNOH)3
  • Radiocarbon years ago, (ya), the age calculated by radiocarbon dating which needs to be calibrated to yield a calendar date
  • "See Ya", an internet/chat slang

Usage examples of "cya".

The CIA had been in bunker mentality for years, it was CYA up the wazoo over at Langley.