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init. 1 "chief X officer", including chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief technical officer, chief technology officer, chief information officer, etc. 2 A '''chief experience officer''' ('''CXO''') is the officer responsible for the overall user experience (UX) of an organization. This executive is ultimately responsible for the strategy behind and user interface design of the organization's products and services, and may further oversee marketing communications, community relations, internal relations, HR relations, investor relations, and other interactions between the organization and its various audiences.(cite web last=Asaravala first=Amit title=In Search of The Chief Experience url= publisher=New Architect accessdate=13 January 2013 date=February 2001)(verify credibility: date=January 2013)(cite web last=LaBanca first=Ed title=CXO: Chief Experience Officer: Does Your Organization Have One? url= publisher=TMCnet accessdate=13 January 2013 date=3 April 2006)(cite web last=Rayport first=Jeffrey F. title=Who Knows The Customer Best? url= publisher=InformationWeek accessdate=13 January 2013 date=4 March 2005)(cite web last=Shah first=Dharmesh title=The CEO Should Be The Chief Experience Officer url= publisher=OnStartups accessdate=13 January 2013 date=15 November 2011)


CXO may refer to:

  • Chandra X-ray Observatory, a satellite launched by NASA in 1999
  • Chief Experience Officer, corporate officer responsible for the overall user experience of an organization
  • CxO (Chief x Officer), a generic term for any Corporate officer
  • CrossOver, a commercial version of WINE which runs Windows applications on Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris
  • Lone Star Executive Airport, the airport in Conroe, Texas, United States (IATA code)