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init. 1 Coal Worker’s pneumoconiosis, colloquially known as black lung disease. 2 Construction Work Package


CWP may refer to:

  • Cable & Wireless plc (stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange)
  • Cakewalk Project, a Cakewalk Sonar sequencing software project file
  • Camp White Pine
  • Causeway Point
  • Centralized Warning Panel (see Annunciator panel)
  • Chinese Wikipedia
  • Chronic Widespread Pain (see Fibromyalgia#Genetics)
  • Coalition of Women for a Just Peace
  • Coalworker's pneumoconiosis
  • Commonwealth Writers' Prize
  • Communist Workers' Party (United States)
  • Computing with words and perceptions
  • Concealed Weapons Permit, see Concealed carry in the United States
  • Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics
  • Cotswold Water Park
  • Cotswold Wildlife Park, a zoo in Oxfordshire, England
  • Crown Wheel and Pinion, see Differential (mechanical device)
  • Current Warming Period, see Global warming