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init. 1 (context business English) cash with order; cash must be paid when place an order. 2 (context military rank English)


CWO may refer to:

  • Cash With Order, a standard UK commercial term
  • Cadet Warrant Officer, a cadet rank in the British Air Training Corps and the RAF Section of the Combined Cadet Force
  • Cadmium tungstate, a scintillator
  • Chief Warrant Officer, a non-commissioned rank in the Canadian military
  • Chief Warrant Officer, a warrant officer in the United States military in the grade of W-2 or higher.
  • Chief Weather Officer
  • Chief Web Officer, an executive who is in charge of the web presence for an organisation
  • Communist Workers Organisation (disambiguation), one of several organisations
  • Contingent Workforce Outsourcing
  • Corrective Work Order, a penalty for littering in Singapore
  • Completion and Workover, a subsea operation performed on subsea well

Usage examples of "cwo".

  This is the cwo hundred and tenth time she's awakened me from a sound sleep.