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JRJR Networks, formerly CVSL, is a holding company of multi-level marketing companies. CVSL was founded by its chairman, John Rochon, a micro-enterprise pioneer. John Rochon, Jr. is the JRJR Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Investment Committee.

The JRJR community currently consists of Kleeneze, a 95-year old UK-based catalog seller of cleaning, health, beauty, home, outdoor and a variety of other products, Betterware, a UK-based home catalog seller, Agel Enterprises, a global seller of nutritional products in gel form; The Longaberger Company, an American maker of handcrafted baskets and other home décor items; Your Inspiration at Home, a maker of spices and other gourmet food items; Uppercase Living, seller of vinyl expressions; Tomboy Tools, seller of tools designed specifically for women; My Secret Kitchen, UK-based maker of gourmet foods and Paperly, a direct seller of personalized stationery and gifts.

The direct selling industry functions through relationship-based commerce. Consultants or other sales force members sell products and services directly to customers. JRJR has acquired multiple direct selling, or micro-enterprise, companies and brought them under a single umbrella.

Each company within JRJR maintains its own identity, leadership and brand while utilizing some shared operational services through a centralized management team. The U.S. management team is headquartered in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd floor penthouse of the Frost Bank Tower. JRJR's European headquarters is in Luzern, Switzerland.