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n. (context military US English) (w: Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier)


CVN may refer to:

  • Central Venous Nutrition, in parenteral nutrition
  • Cable Value Network, a 1980s cable shopping channel, purchased in 1989 by QVC
  • Charpy V-notch Number (Charpy Energy), the output of a Charpy impact test
  • Card Verification Number for credit cards (3 digits on the back of the card)
  • Courtroom View Network, a media company that webcasts trials
  • Canes Venatici (constellation), CVn, standard astronomical abbreviation
  • CVN (Cruiser Voler Nuclear), a United States Navy hull classification symbol for nuclear aircraft carriers
  • Crime Victim Notification (computerised system)
  • Countervandalism Network, a network of volunteers dedicated to reducing vandalism on Wikimedia Foundation wikis