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CVM may refer to:

  • C virtual machine, a Java virtual machine distributed by Sun Microsystems and used on mobile devices such as the Amazon Kindle
  • California Variegated Mutant, a rare sub-type of the Romeldale sheep breed known for its unusual color
  • Camphill Village Minnesota
  • Cardholder Verification Method, a security step in card payment systems
  • Cégep du Vieux Montréal, a Vocational College ( CEGEP) in the city of Montreal, Canada
  • Center for Veterinary Medicine
  • Centrala Verkstaden Malmslätt, a defunct Swedish Army aircraft manufacturing organization, previously known as Flygkompaniets tygverkstäder Malmslätt (FVM) and as Centrala Flygverkstaden Malmslätt (CFM)
  • Cervical Vertebral Malformation, a form of Wobbler's Syndrome in horses
  • Christian Vision for Men a UK registered Christian charity
  • Climate Vulnerability Monitor
  • Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil
  • Complex vertebral malformation, a genetic disease found in Holstein cattle
  • Contingent valuation method, for estimation of economic values for non-market resources that are not usually associated with market price
  • Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for new member states of the European Union
  • Customer Value Maximization, in Mobile Value Added Services
  • Customer Value Management, is the practice of refining and leveraging the benefits of Customer Relationship Management.
  • General Pedro J. Méndez International Airport in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico (IATA Code: CVM)