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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

17c. as an abbreviation of cousin; 1889 as an attempt to represent the lazy pronunciation of because.


Etymology 1 adv. (context informal English) because alt. (context informal English) because conj. (context informal English) because Etymology 2

n. (context informal English) cousin (context usually as a term of address, but not necessarily towards one's cousin English)


Cuz is an apocopation of:

Cuz may also refer to:

  • Catholic University in Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • The IATA code for the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco, Cusco, Peru.
  • A member of the Crips gang
  • A term used to address someone in Center Township, PA

Usage examples of "cuz".

Cinerea, her cuz who specialized in Mental-Emotional Healing, sitting on a twoseat and sipping cinnamoncaff from a tiny cup painted with sprays of heather and rimmed in gold.

Your brother, your cuz, and you were in a street fight just a few days ago.

Her cuz Whitey Hawthorn lay with his head half-severed from his body, his jugular ripped open, blood puddled under his neck.

He had another friend, once a brother, called Tinne, and a friend once a cuz, called Straif.

Blackthorn had just descended the stairs of the door of the Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon, after his daily bout with his cuz Tinne Holly, when he heard the command.

My cuz Holm wed his HeartMate, Lark, in the center of the Great Labyrinth north of Druida.

I collapsed, then my cuz Holm Holly was there, more people, and I was gone from here, and it was all over.

Probably blind rage, cuz dammit, she refused to be terrorized in her own house.

Hell, even that old fart Whipple had rushed off cuz he had a date with a yachtsman named Tyler D.

I did manage to track down a couple of guys Speedy met on the unemployment line and used to hang with cuz they had some bad habits in common.