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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cutty \Cut"ty\ (k[u^]t"t[y^]), a. [Cf. Ir. & Gael. cut a short tail, cutach bobtailed. See Cut.] Short; as, a cutty knife; a cutty sark. [Scot.]


Cutty \Cut"ty\ (k?t"t?), n. [Scotch.]

  1. A short spoon.

  2. A short tobacco pipe.

  3. A light or unchaste woman.
    --Sir W. Scott.


a. (context Scotland Northern England English) short, shortened, or small; curtailed. n. 1 (context Scotland English) A short spoon. 2 (context Scotland English) A short tobacco pipe. 3 (context Scotland archaic English) A wanton or unchaste woman.


Cutty may refer to:

  • Dennis "Cutty" Wise, a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire
  • Cutty (rapper), a rapper featured on T.O.K.'s Bombrush Hour

Usage examples of "cutty".

I know, because I used to partake of the Cutty regularly back before I could afford single malt.

Lou leaned over and snatched the bottle of Cutty from him, then brought it to her lips.

Auld Jock smoked his cutty pipe, gazed at the fire or into the kirk-yard, and meditated on nothing in particular.

Brown locked the gate, went sulkily into the lodge, lighted his cutty pipe, and smoked it furiously.

Private McLean stood in the door, smoking a cutty pipe, and grinning with pride in the merry little ruffian of a terrier, who met the friendly advances of the soldiers more than half-way.

It even contained her favorite brand of Scotch, Cutty Sark, goddammit.

Beverly motioned to the waiter for another Cutty Sark, then drained what was left in her glass.

Sally Northrop, who probably worshiped the ground he walked on and whose mother should drink Cutty Sark until it came out of her nose.

Moving swiftly to the liquor cabinet, he spotted the half-empty bottle of Cutty Sark.

Olympics while smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and consuming several shots of Cutty Sark Scotch every evening.

Heeding the call for more courage, he signaled the bartender and ordered another Cutty on the rocks- a double this time.

Once across Blanchard, Cutty headed into the diner and dropped into a booth like a rag doll suddenly stuffed with lead shot.

Like all those who scurry in the shadows, he dreamed of being as big as Mercurial some day, but the chances of that were slimmer than Cutty here.

Cutty selected two big chocolate-frosted fat-pills and I passed, so Cutty took a third in case I reconsidered.

Bloomington, Indiana, and had been sitting there nursing the Cutty and water, he had seen, in the backbar mirror, the street outside.