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Cutts (surname)

Cutts is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Allen S. Cutts Confederate soldier during the American Civil War
  • Arthur Cutts (1879–1967), Australian politician from Tasmania
  • Charles Cutts (1769–1846), American politician from New Hampshire
  • Dennis Cutts (born 1968), American basketball coach
  • Don Cutts (born 1953), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Gertrude Spurr Cutts (1858–1941), Canadian artist
  • Graham Cutts (1884–1958), British film director of the 1920s
  • J. E. K. Cutts (1847–1938), English church architect
  • James M. Cutts (1838–1903), American soldier during the American Civil War
  • Jiko Linda Cutts (born 1947), Sōtō Zen priest
  • John Cutts (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Luke Cutts (born 1988), British pole vaulter
  • Oliver Cutts (1873–1939), American football player, coach, and college athletics administrator
  • Marsena E. Cutts (1833–1883), American politician from Iowa
  • Matt Cutts, American software developer
  • Patricia Cutts (1926–1974), English film and television actress
  • Richard Cutts (1771–1845), American politician from Massachusetts
  • Richard Cutts (bishop), Anglican missionary in Africa and afterwards Bishop of Argentina
  • Stephen Cutts, United Nations official

Usage examples of "cutts".

He proceeded to introduce them - General Cutts, Lord Stourmouth, Sir Ingram Stow.

General Cutts is opposed to the new policy at Legate and Sir Ingram Stow has supported him.

Sister Cutts was sitting at her desk a tall, lean woman, who had reached middle age without making any effort to do something about it.

Augusta, studying her as she reported for duty, thought for the hundredth time that it was a great pity that no one had taken Sister Cutts in hand.

She looked across the desk at Sister Cutts, but her head was still bowed over her writing.

She wondered, fleetingly, if Sister Cutts was considerate about days off.

She smiled at the red, tear-stained face, smiled again, briefly, at Mrs Jones, and followed Sister Cutts out of the room.

Left to herself, Augusta wasted a few minutes looking at her reflection in the tiny mirror which was all Sister Cutts allowed herself.

You see familiarity breeds contempt with bullets as with other things, and though it is no easy matter to come to like them, like the King of Sweden or my Lord Cutts, it is not so very hard to become indifferent to them.

He was Richard Cutts, a twenty-eight-year-old member of Congress from Massachusetts, a handsome lawyer, son of a well-to-do family with property in land and merchant ships.

Anna was married to Richard Cutts in March 1804, in the drawing room of the house on F Street.

Though disaffections in New England had caused Richard Cutts to lose his seat in Congress, Madison had appointed him superintendent of military supplies.

With assurance of employment in Washington, the Cutts family would be near enough to visit frequently.

James Madison Cutts, now twelve, and little Dolley Cutts, a replica of herself at six, whom she liked to call Dolchd.

Richard Cutts, who had lost his shipping fortune because of the embargo he had supported in Congress, had attempted to recoup his losses by speculation with twelve thousand dollars, much of it loaned by Madison.