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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But the pockets are empty. even the makers' labels are cutout.
▪ Keaton and DiCaprio manage to bring several levels of emotion to their characters, but everyone else is a cardboard cutout.
▪ Poole brought his fist down on the alarm cutout, and the wailing ceased.
▪ Scrapbooks and bottles of paste and cutout articles of the young Dove braving gales in canoes, performing heroic acts.
▪ Shortly afterward, I was struck by the cutouts of Stan Venderbeek, an abstract filmmaker.
▪ The cutouts were used for matching to the shoes.
▪ The flickering light from a television set is seen through a cutout in the wall.
▪ Use a combination square to gauge the location and depth of the cutout.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1851, from verbal phrase, from cut (v.) + out (adv.).


n. 1 Something that has been cut out from something else 2 Any of several devices that halt the flow of a current, especially an electric current 3 An intermediary who communicates between members of a clandestine organization 4 A free-standing, rigid print (usu. life-sized), often used for promotional purposes 5 (context computing English) clip art

  1. n. a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload

  2. a photograph from which the background has been cut away

  3. a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out


Usage examples of "cutout".

That darkness, too, ran down to create a lower, more archlike shape, black as a cutout piece of night.

While Jason clicked away and asked questions, I decoupaged a Swisher Sweets container with old magazine cutouts.

He pulled through into an identical chamber of frames, then glanced back and saw the others emerging like a chain of cutouts.

Like a cutout pasted on the gray background: his fingers twitched beneath his chin as he stared at something not visible to them.

Street on the off-chance the cutout who serviced SASHA called again before she moved on to another apartment, at which point they would tap the new number.

We think this same cutout serviced SASHA after Philby was no longer operational.

It meant the Americans had somehow managed to identify the cutout who serviced SASHA.

He had spun an elaborate, supersecret network, with cutouts and switchbacks and complex electronic mazes created by canny old spies.

Mexican drug cartels have many layers of cutouts to protect the top players.

I selected a mid-point on the wall between the two cabins, knocked out the blowback cutout on the blaster and shielded my face with one hand.

There had to be secure cutouts, discontinuities in the command structure, or the entire apparatus would have fallen in the first hours.

Her sole | recollection of him was so bathetically theatrical, she couldn't be sure she hadn't imagined it for herself in an effort to fill a cutout shape on the page.

He'd finish up this report with the data from Bondarenko's final draft, photograph it, and get the film to his cutout.

She felt that the Republicans she knew, even Senator Grant, for whom she had campaigned, tended to be cardboard cutouts of real men, and while they served a useful and precautionary purpose, if they alone were allowed to govern, the country would stagnate.

It was only the elaborate curlicues and cutouts of stone that had given this piece of Venetian Gothic its fragile look.