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n. 1 (context software English) In software testing, a hypothetical line that separates tests that will be performed, versus tests that may not be performed due to lack of time. 2 (context journalism broadcasting English) In production, a hypothetical line that separates items that will be executed and publicized, versus items that will be cut. 3 (context journalism broadcasting English) A caption under a photograph, or more narrowly just the explanatory text block under a photograph, excluding the title. 4 (context surveying travel English) A linear cleared area through undeveloped land.

Usage examples of "cutline".

A photograph of the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs stared out from under it, the cutline asking-not for the first time that season- if he should be fired, the Leafs being once again at the very bottom of the worst division in the league.

Ford, maybe Carmen needs to see the cutlines on your contour maps of the bus routes.

She had seven more headlines to write and five cutlines for the photographs Tucker was printing.

There were no ad cancellations, the copy dummied in perfectly, cutlines spaced out evenly, and the proofs were so clean it was eerie.

When I moved the flame closer to it I realized that it wasn't a mark but three cutlines sanded smooth and painted over so that you had to be where I was to see them.