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Crossword clues for cutlets


n. (plural of cutlet English)

Usage examples of "cutlets".

Their immediate view was a snowy-white tablecloth with a shining centre dish of foppish little cutlets, each with a wisp of ornamental paper, and a surrounding bank of mashed potatoes.

She settled for consomme Madrilene, salmon cutlets Mornay, crown roast of lamb with saffron rice and then, since strawberries were to he had, a meringue gateau, topped with lashings of cream.

Angela between them conjured up homemade soup, trout with almonds, lamb cutlets with spinach from the garden and a rhubarb crumble with cream.

Angela, serving up tiny pancakes filled with mushrooms, lamb cutlets with a host of vegetables and a syllabub to follow, and there was time to sit over their coffee before leaving for the theatre.

Soles followed the eggs, and then came cutlets, and afterwards asparagus.

The poor SAVANT was obliged to own that his cutlets could not be relished, even by hungry men.