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cut a dash

vb. (context idiomatic English) To make a display of oneself; to give a conspicuous impression.

Usage examples of "cut a dash".

In the afternoon the shop was full of passengers in search of disguises in which they could raise a laugh, cut a dash, or realize a childhood longing to be someone quite different from whoever they eventually turned out to be.

Sherry said I might cut a dash, and I think I should like to very much.

Nell, quite as desirous as she to cut a dash, had no notion (she thanked Letty) of imitating Lady Weldon, or any other fashionable hostess.

She wants her wardrobe to hear from above by return with cash so as she can buy her Peter Robinson trousseau and cut a dash with Arty, Bert or possibly Charley Chance (who knows?