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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Being a stewardess is not a cushy lifestyle - it's very hard work.
▪ Eventually he got a cushy job as a newspaper correspondent in Madrid.
▪ I sank down on a cushy sofa.
▪ Peter just landed a cushy new job with a big firm.
▪ What a cushy number, living rent-free in return for taking the dog out once a day!
▪ I wouldn't say so, it's a pretty cushy job, driving a nice car around, being paid well.
▪ If so, give me back the grunge of the old place and keep the suites and cushy chairs.
▪ The caf lounge area has cushy chairs and plenty of caffeinated and herbal remedies to nurture patrons of the arts.
▪ The other kind of project likely to prepay its mortgage was the cushy upmarket property.
▪ They've had a cushy subsidised existence for too long.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

cushy \cushy\ (k[oo^]sh"[y^]), adj. not requiring strong efforts; easy; -- said of paid employment; as, He got a cushy job in a large company.

Syn: soft.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"easy," 1915, Anglo-Indian slang, from Hindi khush "pleasant, healthy, happy" + -y (2).


a. 1 easy, making few demands, comfortable. 2 (context chiefly US English) comfortable; often in a way that will suit a person's body.


adj. not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship; "what a cushy job!"; "a soft job" [syn: soft]

Usage examples of "cushy".

More than cushy: Ferraris and chauffeurs, cribs in Holmby, dabbles in the film biz, private dinners with politicos and power brokers.

In some cases, it might be cheaper to offer them a cushy, corporate-style retirement than to keep them hanging around, so they can continue pilfering from government coffers.

As he buys new white shoes for his last performance in the town, he encounters a former schoolmate from Russia, a bully who once regularly attached himself to Lik and now drags him to his squalid home, plies Lik with wine he should not drink, berates him for the gap between his own misery and the cushy life he thinks Lik leads.

Hackers consistently sneer that anti-phreak prosecutors are angling for cushy jobs as telco lawyers and that computer crime police are aiming to cash in later as well-paid computer-security consultants in the private sector.

So you took that retirement early, applied for a job at Bechtel, and with a little help from the fact that they had few blacks in security and fewer still out on the Idaho facility that the company managed for the Department of Energy, you found yourself a cushy job where the stress was minimal, the scenery was gorgeous, and the fishing was spectacular.

We fought together, a long time ago, and we worked together when I was an Investigator at the Palace and he had a far cushier job at Palace Security.

Maria had volunteered to come here, left a much cushier and secure job in Georgetown.

There are a lot cushier ways of growing old than pursuing criminals round Twelve Seas, the rough part of a rough city.

The apartment, provided for the use of visiting scholars, was beyond doubt the cushiest berth Clemsen had ever drawn.

And it was quite nice ice, a little rural manor house with barbed wire around it, quite the cushiest internment camp in England.

Give them your respect and your loyalty, and you had the cushiest gig in the supernatural world.

Corbiere was paid through such sinecures as his appointment as naval officer at Jamaica, though he never stirred from England, and as Commissioner of Wines Licenses, which sounds like the cushiest of posts.

With her mother and the campaign finance committee for the reelection of a United States senator in one of the cushiest neighborhoods this town has to offer.

Gately rather likes Ken Erdedy, who came into the House about a month ago from some cushy Belmont rehab.

I came to Rochdale in 1968 from a fairly cushy spot in the world of U.