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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cushite \Cush"ite\ (k[u^]sh"[imac]t), n. A descendant of Cush, the son of Ham and grandson of Noah.


Cushite may refer to :

  • Cushitic languages
    • North Cushitic languages
    • Central Cushitic languages
    • Highland East Cushitic languages
    • Lowland East Cushitic languages
    • South Cushitic languages
  • the historical Kingdom of Kush
  • a biblical tribal name, see Cush (Bible)
  • a Hebrew term for "African", see Cushi

Usage examples of "cushite".

These facts must be true and strictly historical, for they are everywhere met with among the Cushites, as among the Canaanites, their brothers by origin.

Ethiopian or Cushite Empire, which in the earliest ages prevailed, as Mr.

He gave much attention to the Cushite colonies in Egypt, greatly increasing their strength, intelligence, and prosperity.

The place did have an uncanny atmosphere, especially in stormy weather, for the strange little monument in the glade was a pyramid in the Cushite style, steeper-sided and smaller than those of Egypt.

The Meroitic civilization flourished in southern Nubia after the fall of the earlier Cushite kingdom at Napata.

Here were scenes of feasting and entertainmentslender girl dancers and acrobats, musicians, tables piled high with foodscenes familiar in their subject matter from many such in Egyptian palaces and Cushite tombs.

The man who occupied the throne wore over his heavy black wig a diadem with the twin uraeus serpents of Cushite kingship.

Monsieur Doctor, they are not of Malayan origin, but Cushite, and the Cushites were an Aryan people, as doubtless you know.

After the fall of the Meroitic kingdom the Sacred Mountain became a refuge for the Cushite nobles.

The survival of this particular custom, which was practised in ancient Egypt as well as in the Cushite kingdom, did not surprise me.

Her jetty locks and smooth brown cheeks were those of a high-bred Cushite maiden.

Had not the great Cushite conqueror Piankhi forced the high priestess of his time to adopt his daughter in order to strengthen his claim to the throne of Egypt?

The rulership of Thebes changed many times over the years, from northern conquerers to Cushite kings to high priests, but they were all, even the Cushitesespecially the Cushitesdevout followers of the old gods.

The great mountain temple of the ancient Cushites was still several miles away.

I am convinced it is the site of the first capital of Gush, which flourished for six hundred years before the Cushites moved upriver to Meroe.