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At least, Cushie thought, if Garp wanted what the others wanted, he was not embarrassed to be seen pursuing it.

Garp felt dishonest with Cushie for not mentioning what he took to be the utter assholery of her father, Fat Stew.

Garp thought of asking Ernie Holm, but he was already fearful that Helen would hear of his being with Cushie Percy, and although he had no real relationship with Helen that he could be unfaithful to, Garp did have his imagination and his plans.

Still, he was hopeful that he could connect with Cushie on graduation weekend.

There would be no enticing Cushie to the cannons this weekend, Garp knew.

But Garp and Cushie were not even past the Percy porch when Bonkers confronted them.

When Jenny went back to her bedroom, Garp snuck Cushie into the tunnel that led to the main infirmary.

It is a fucking infirmary now, Garp thought, delighting in the touch and scent of Cushie trembling beside him.

Garp confessed his lust for Cushie Percy and rendered a suitably tame version of the consummation scene.

For almost twenty years Pooh would not mention her dead sister, Cushie, but her fondness for children eventually confused her.