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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Curtana \Cur*ta"na\ (k?r-t?"n?), n. The pointless sword carried before English monarchs at their coronation, and emblematically considered as the sword of mercy; -- also called the sword of Edward the Confessor.


n. A short sword used for ceremonial purposes


Curtana, also known as the Sword of Mercy, is a ceremonial sword used at the coronation of British kings and queens. One of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, its end is blunt and squared, said to symbolize mercy. It is linked to the legendary sword carried by Tristan and Ogier the Dane.

Usage examples of "curtana".

As Sir Blays has already pointed out, the nature of the Curtana is to compel obedience.

Excalibur, Tizona, Gram, Morglay, Durendal, Flamberge, Curtana, Quernbiter.