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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Curr \Curr\ (k[^u]r), v. i. [Prob. imitative.] To coo. [Scot.]

The owlets hoot, the owlets curr.


vb. To coo like an owl.

Curr (surname)

Curr is an English surname.

  • Edward Curr 1798–1850), Australian settler and politician
    • Edward Micklethwaite Curr (1820–1889), his eldest child, Australian pastoralist and squatter
  • John Curr (c. 1756 – 1823), English manager of collieries and innovator
  • Joseph Curr (1793 – 1847), Roman Catholic priest and author

Usage examples of "curr".

I thank, in particular, Sandra Dijkstra, Wendy Walker, Tracy Behar, Judith Curr, Ron Lax, Dan Stidham, Burk Sauls, Grove Pashley, Kathy Bakken, Stan Mitchell—and, of course, the inmates whose story this is.

A special thanks to Judith Curr for being every writer's dream publisher.

To Judith Curr and Louise Burke, your enthusiasm and humor are two of the many reasons why I enjoy being published by Atria and Pocket Books.

The thought oc curred to him that just about everybody could be dead by now.