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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Curling irons

Curling \Curl"ing\, n.

  1. The act or state of that which curls; as, the curling of smoke when it rises; the curling of a ringlet; also, the act or process of one who curls something, as hair, or the brim of hats.

  2. A scottish game in which heavy weights of stone or iron are propelled by hand over the ice towards a mark.

    Curling . . . is an amusement of the winter, and played on the ice, by sliding from one mark to another great stones of 40 to 70 pounds weight, of a hemispherical form, with an iron or wooden handle at top. The object of the player is to lay his stone as near to the mark as possible, to guard that of his partner, which has been well laid before, or to strike off that of his antagonist.
    --Pennant (Tour in Scotland. 1772).

    Curling irons, Curling tong, an instrument for curling the hair; -- commonly heated when used. Called also curler[4].

curling irons

n. (plural of curling iron English)

Usage examples of "curling irons".

When she opened it, she saw that it was packed right to the top with curling irons, clothes brushes, flatirons, tissue paper, linens, toiletries….

After she was gone I would pick up the curling irons and smell them and squeeze them.

Setting her teeth, Serena scowled at her reflection as Maggie fussed with the curling irons.

More were scattered across the counter among bottles of shampoo and conditioner, combs, hair nets, plastic and foam rollers, hair dryers, curling irons, and other accoutrements of the profession she ran out of her living room.

Fine, clean, shining hair that resisted the curling irons and soon dropped into smoother folds than maids in charge of fashionable women like to see.

A fashion a multitude of white artists strove for in closet trysts with their girlfriends' curling irons.

Fuck curling irons and blow dryers and high heels and mascara and control-top panty hose.