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''' Curan ''' is a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France.

Usage examples of "curan".

Take them and welcome, Curan, and then come here and do what work you will,” Berthun said in haste.

Of all the things I had been brought up to dread most for him, that an English Dane should find him out was the worst, so I said, “He is called Curan, and he is a Lindsey marshman.

Yet he knew that he would have been laughed at for a fool if he had said that he thought Curan more than he seemed.

And she knew also, though maybe she would not own it, that if this Curan had been but a thane of little estate, she could have had naught to say against the matter.

Moreover, she had heard of Curan by this time, though she had not seen him before.

The youth with him called him Curan, which is the name of the strong porter they prate of, but doubtless that was a jest.

I will tell you now that I know this one who is called Curan well, and I, and all who know him, love him.

Never saw I a man so amazed, for to him the Danish names of the Asir had come as some sort of a shock, seeing that he had deemed this man, with the name of Curan, a Briton.

And all the way men joined us for the sake of Curan, whom they knew, and of Goldberga, of whom they had heard, so that in numbers at least our host was a great one.

The Lindseymen drew back a foot's pace as they saw the giant who came on them, and I heard some call that this was Curan of Grimsby, as if in wonder.