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Curaçá is the northernmost city in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

Usage examples of "curaca".

He did not make the son of the deceased a Curaca, but the man who had most ability and aptitude for the service.

If the appointment did not please the Inca he, without more ado, dismissed him and appointed another, so that no Curaca, high or low, felt secure in his appointment.

Here the Inca received a message from the Sinchi or Curaca of the island of Puna with a rich present, inviting him to come to his island to receive his service.

Besides this they ordered all the Chachapoyas and Canaris to be killed, and their Curaca named Ulco Colla, who they said had rebelled against the two brothers.

Among those who escaped were Dona Elvira Chonay, daughter of Canar Ccapac, Dona Beatriz Carnamaruay, daughter of the Curaca of Chinchay-cocha, Dona Juana Tocto, Dona Catalina Usica, wife, that was, of Don Paullu Tupac, and mother of Don Carlos, who are living now.

He reduced them into provinces, giving them their Curacas in the order already described.

To these Curacas were given servants, women and estates, submitting an account of them, for, though they were Curacas, they could not take a thing of their own authority, without express leave from the Inca.

Constructing these works he arrived at Charcas and went thence to Chile, which his father had conquered, where he dismissed the governor, and appointed two native Curacas named Michimalongo and Antalongo, who had been vanquished by his father.

Atahualpa gave thanks that he should have come in his time, and he sent back the messengers with thanks to the Curacas for sending the news, and ordering them to keep him informed of what might happen.