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Cuomo is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Cuomo family, the United States political family
    • Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of New York State, and son of Mario Cuomo
    • Chris Cuomo (b. 1970), journalist; son of Mario Cuomo
    • Margaret I. Cuomo, physician, radiologist, author, and philanthropist; daughter of Mario Cuomo
    • Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York State (19831995)
  • Rivers Cuomo, U.S. musician, of the group Weezer
  • Chris Cuomo (philosopher), U.S. philosopher
  • Donna Cuomo, U.S. politician
  • Douglas J. Cuomo, U.S. composer
  • Franco Cuomo, Italian journalist
  • Gennaro A. Cuomo (Jerry Cuomo), U.S. software engineer, IBM Fellow
  • George Michael Cuomo, U.S. author
  • James Cuomo, U.S. composer
  • Luigi Cuomo, Italian fencer
  • Nancy Cuomo, Italian singer
  • Nicola Cuomo, Italian professor, educator
  • Saint Conon the Elder (d. 275), also Cuomo the Elder, father of Saint Conon the Younger; from Iconium in Asia Minor
  • Saint Conon the Younger (d. 275), also Cuomo the Younger, son of Saint Conon the Elder; from Iconium in Asia Minor
  • Salvatore Cuomo, Italian celebrity chef
  • Sandro Cuomo, Italian fencer
  • Yolanda Cuomo, U.S. artist