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n. (plural of cultivar English)

Usage examples of "cultivars".

And now, with new cultivars to clone and test every time someone starts planning to plant a new microenvironment, they need all the help they can get.

But look at this Zea mays and look at these primitive varieties over here, these are cultivars that were abandoned because their yield was low or they were difficult to hull, and look at the oldest one here, teosinte," she said it like a saint's name.

Your maize cultivars, that big project you've had on the burner since forever?

Stay out there for a couple of days, work on those cultivars we been gussying up.

I will develop new cultivars, plant and harvest test acreages, and protect the colony's crops and physical plant until such time as I am relieved from Battle Reflex Alert.

We must have cultivars in all the ranges that do not generally exceed forty centimeters.