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Culp is a surname. Notable people bearing it include:

  • Arlie F. Culp (born 1926), American politician
  • Benny Culp (1914–2000), American baseball player
  • Connie Culp (born 1963), the first United States recipient of a face transplant
  • Curley Culp (born 1963), American football player
  • Dennis Culp (born 1970), American trombonist, singer, and songwriter
  • Faye B. Culp (born 1939), American politician
  • Jonathan Culp (born 1971), Canadian underground filmmaker
  • Julia Culp (1880-1970), Dutch mezzo-soprano
  • Oveta Culp Hobby (1905–1995), U.S. public official and newspaper publisher
  • Ray Culp (born 1941), American baseball player
  • Robert Culp (1930–2010), American actor
  • Steven Culp (born 1955), American actor

Usage examples of "culp".

She was the nicest person Joey knew, the nicest he ever expected to know, and he was glad that he had her for a sister instead of that crabby, nasty Veronica Culp, who his best friend, Tommy Culp, had to share a house with.

According to Tommy Culp, when somebody was falling-down drunk, you said they were "pissed.

Tommy Culp, Joey's best friend from school, was away on vacation with his family.

I'd thought it was Culp, too, until I saw a story about Markham in yesterday's Star.

But you know the difference between those two actors, Culp and Markham?

We both had a memorya good, solid memoryof Robert Culp playing a role that had really been played by Monte Markham.

But this far north of the Rogue River country the odds were Johnny’d make it to Culp Creek and back just fine.