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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cullet \Cul"let\ (k[u^]l"l[e^]t), n. [From Cull, v. t. ] Broken glass for remelting.


Cullet \Cul"let\, n. [A dim. from F. cul back.] A small central plane in the back of a cut gem. See Collet, 3 (b) .


n. 1 Scrap glass which is melted down for reuse. 2 A small central plane in the back of a cut gem.

Usage examples of "cullet".

For weeks every piece he made ended in the cullet or waste glass barrel, to be remelted or used in other projects.

He identified an undecorated blue glass bottle, a clear vase blown on to a mould of a many-petalled rose, and an over-heated piece of cloudy glass that Tris had taken from the cullet, or junk glass, barrel.

She went to the cullet barrel with its mix of broken and discarded glass.

He found enough journeymen at work while their masters rested to buy three crates of cullet glass to replace what he had destroyed.

Cart wheels and oxen crunched through puddles snap frozen, then plowed by their passage to shards like white cullet, salted in heaps at a glassworks.

With it had come a surprise, a large crate full of carefully packed cullet scrap glass sent by her Seattle gallery owner.

Most of the cullet was muff, a special kind of glass that was treasured for its flaws rather than its perfection.