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The Collaborative International Dictionary

cul \cul\ n. a contraction of cul-de-sac.

Syn: cul de sac, deadend. [WordNet 1.5] ||


n. a passage with access only at one end [syn: cul de sac, dead end]


Cul or CUL may refer to:

  • Cambridge University Library
  • City University London
  • Cumberland, from its Chapman code
  • Bachigualato Federal International Airport, (IATA airport code: CUL) in Culiac├ín, Sinaloa, Mexico
Cul (software)

is a female vocal for Vocaloid 3, her voice is based on samples from Eri Kitamura.

Usage examples of "cul".

I took a kuruma for the day, and had a very pleasant excursion into a cul de sac in the mountains.

She stared at the map for the longest time, studying the little red star, reading and rereading the directions that took her from the door of her pawnshop to the door of his six-bedroom house in a protected cul de sac.

Two were well armoured and helmed, cradling heavy crossbows, longswords belted at their hips, positioned at the entrance to the cul de sac and watching the trail.

Choosing the darkest, winding street I could, I halted the cabriolet at the far end of a narrow cul de sac.

Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer, and all your admirers shall know subsequently what you have done.

Thus it happened that when Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer quitted the dining-room, Miss Middleton had spirited herself away from summoning voice and messenger.

She had evidently instigated the gentlemen to cross and counterchatter Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer.

Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer will soon be rushing here, and declaring they never expected anything else, I do not doubt.

MOUNTSTUART JENKINSON Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer entered spying to right and left.

Dale's presence in his house, nor of the arrival of the dreaded women Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer: his locked door was too great a terror to his domestics.

This time he thought Laetitia must have betrayed him, and bowing to Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer, gallantly pressing their fingers and responding to their becks and archnesses, he ruminated on his defences before he should accost her father.

Lady Busshe at his entreaty remained, and took a seat beside Lady Culmer and Mrs.

She had rebuked herself for want of reserve in the presence of Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer, and she was guilty of a slightly excessive containment when she next addressed Laetitia.

The house itself faced south, its irregular half-acre lot fronting on Benham Road, which cut west from Main to lose itself a few blocks farther west in residential meanders and cul de sacs.

About fifty yards away in the shadows of the very back of the cul de sac was one of the bonobos!