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Cueto may refer to:

  • Cueto (surname)
  • Cueto, Cuba, a municipality in Holguin, Cuba
  • Cueto, Spain, Cantabria, Spain
Cueto (surname)

Cueto is a Spanish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Al Cueto, former basketball player
  • Alonso Cueto, novelist and playwright
  • Anderson Cueto, football player
  • César Cueto, football player
  • Emilio Cueto, guitarist
  • Germán Cueto, Mexican painter, sculptor, puppet designer and puppeteer
  • Johnny Cueto, baseball pitcher
  • Lola Cueto, Mexican painter, printmaker, puppet designer and puppeteer
  • Mark Cueto, rugby player
  • Mireya Cueto (1922–2013), Mexican puppeteer, writer and dramaturg