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CUC may refer to:

In business:

  • CUC Broadcasting, a Canadian media company
  • CUC International, a Cendant brand

In education:

  • Canadian University College, a private Seventh-day Adventist degree-granting institution and teacher's college in Lacombe, Alberta
  • Claremont University Consortium, a group of seven colleges in California
  • Columbia Union College, former name for Washington Adventist University, a liberal arts university located in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA
  • Combined Universities in Cornwall, a project to provide higher education in Cornwall
  • Communication University of China, a university in Beijing, China
  • Cuttington University College of Liberia
  • Catholic University College, Kensington 19th Century College of Higher Education

In religion:

  • Canadian Unitarian Council, the national body for Unitarian Universalist congregations in Canada

In sports:

  • Canadian Ultimate Championships, a national tournament of Ultimate in Canada

In other fields:

  • Canadian Unity Council, a non-profit organization whose mission is the promotion of Canadian Unity
  • CUC (currency), one of two official currencies in Cuba
  • CUC is the IATA airport code for Camilo Daza International Airport, Cúcuta, Colombia
  • CUC is the Moldovan version of the famous Russian intellectual game "What? Where? When?" (Chto? Gde? Kogda?)
  • CUC is the United Peasant Committee in Guatemala
CUC (currency)