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n. 1 (plural of cube English) 2 (context euphemistic English) testicles. vb. (en-third-person singular of: cube)

Cubes (OLAP server)

Cubes is a light-weight open source multidimensional modelling and OLAP toolkit for development reporting applications and browsing of aggregated data written in Python programming language released under the MIT License.

Cubes provides to an analyst or any application end-user "understandable and natural way of reporting using concept of data Cubes – multidimensional data objects".

Cubes was first publicly released in March 2011. The project was originally developed for Public Procurements of Slovakia. Cubes 1.0 was released in September 2014 and presented on the PyData Conference in New York

Usage examples of "cubes".

He had started with two cubes of storage, and at this rate would need another two.

She asked how the young people were doing, with no real interest, and Bates reported that they had appeared to enjoy breakfast, and were now viewing old entertainment cubes in the lounge.

Some of us were off fighting wars so that people like you could bounce around making entertainment cubes for each other.

He had always assumed law was dull—all those racks of data cubes, all those hours under the helmet—but he had never felt anything like the rush of excitement that now roared through him.

There were the weapons, the bulbous snout of a very illicit sonic pulser, familiar from entertainment cubes, and several plasteel knives.

And they'd make a mess of data cubes left lying around, even though they couldn't eat them.

She wouldn't try to use a fake identity, but "Brunnhilde Charlotte Meager" without her usual wild clothes and credit cubes might be anyone.

I'm confiscating your ID and your credit cubes until we arrive at Rockhouse.

Her credit cubes and strips, itemized, lay on the sheet he pointed to.

If she had to flee, if she couldn't use her credit cubes, she would have something .

A stack of cubes it would take him hours to wade through, all marked with the security code that meant they were encrypted and could be read only with all the room's security systems engaged.

I've got a dozen cubes to review—ordered them from bloodstock agents—and then we'll go take a look.

She had thought that some real substance lay behind the ubiquitous credit cubes and credit slips which she used in everyday transactions.

From the cubes alone, and from her brief experience of foxhunting, she had had a vague notion that way herself, but one look at the real obstacles had changed her mind.

The counselors finally trashed the cubes, after they'd watched them and snickered for a day or so.