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n. (plural of cubelet English)


Cubelets are a line of construction toys manufactured by Modular Robotics. The Cubelets are small color coded cubes that people magnetically stick together to form a variety of simple robots, a kind of modular robot.

The cubes connect with magnets and a genderless connector.

Usage examples of "cubelets".

The music balloons without cease but Green hears Lenz say what sounds like 'How dare you' with great emphasis as he drops the dog forward onto the yard as there's a high-pitched male sound from the form at the window and the dog goes down and hits the ground on its side with the meaty crunch of a 32-kilo bag of Party-Size Cubelets, all four legs dog-paddling uselessly, the dark surface of the lawn blackening in a pulsing curve before its jaws that open and close.