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Cúa (founded in 1690) is a small city capital of the Urdaneta Municipality, located in the Miranda State (Estado Miranda) in the north of Venezuela with an altitude of 490 m. Cúa is noted for warm and clear weather, with year-round sunshine and 60 days of rainfall annually, and an average temperature that range from 18 °C to 28 °C, but with relative low humidity.

With leafy forest and meadows, Cúa has a population of 123,000 (2004), mainly dedicated to services and industry (plastic pipes, paper rolls) it's a dormitory town. The most important districts of Cúa are: Nueva Cúa, Lecumberry, La Fila, Mume, Santa rosa and Aparay.

The local Sanctuary of the Virgin of Betania has become famous for its attributed Marian apparitions.

Cúa is one of the locations served by the IFE Ezequiel Zamora Mass Transportation System.


Cua can refer to:

  • Cúa, a city outside of Caracas, Venezuela
  • Cua, a form of Cai (surname), an ethnic Chinese surname

CUA can refer to:

  • The Catholic University of America
  • Center for Ultracold Atoms, a division of the MIT Physics Department in conjunction with Harvard University
  • China United Airlines (ICAO airline designator)
  • Cost-utility analysis, a form of economic analysis used to guide procurement decisions
  • CUA (company), formerly Credit Union Australia, Australia's largest credit union
  • Common User Access, a specification for user-computer interfaces, written by IBM
CUA (company)

CUA (Credit Union Australia) is a credit union in Australia. It is the largest customer-owned financial institution in Australia. It provides financial services including everyday banking, home loans, insurances, credit cards, personal and car loans, superannuation and financial planning to its 400,000+ customers.