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CTX is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings:

CTX (computer virus)

CTX is a computer virus created in Spain in 1999. CTX was initially discovered as part of the Cholera worm, with which the author intentionally infected with CTX. Although the Cholera worm had the capability to send itself via email, the CTX worm quickly surpassed it in prevalence. Cholera is now considered obsolete, while CTX remains in the field, albeit with only rare discoveries.

In March 2006, CTX was in the news again due to a false positive in the McAfee VirusScan program that caused CTX detections in a range of innocuous files.

CTX (explosive-detection device)

The CTX (Computer Tomography X-ray) is an explosive detection device, a family of x-ray devices developed by InVision Technologies in 1990 that uses CAT scans and sophisticated image processing software to automatically screen checked baggage for explosives. CTX scanners are by far the market leader in explosive detection systems (EDSs), accounting for approximately 150 out of 161 FAA-certified bomb scanners installed in US airports .

CTX (Carbon Trade Exchange)


Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) operates spot exchanges in multiple global environmental commodity markets, including carbon, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and water. Carbon Trade Exchange allows buyers and sellers to trade voluntary credits, as well as those issued by a United Nations program established under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.