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abbr. 1 (context Canada English) '''''C'''anadian '''T'''ele'''V'''ision'', a Canadian national television network 2 (context New Zealand English) '''''C'''anterbury '''T'''ele'''V'''ision'', a Canterbury Region television station located in Christchurch, New Zealand 3 '''''C'''linical '''T'''arget '''V'''olume''


CTV may refer to:

CTV (Singapore)

Campus Television, or CTV, is Ngee Ann Polytechnic's resident campus television station. It is run entirely by third-year Mass Communication and Film, Sound and Video students of the School of Film & Media Studies. Set up in 2001, CTV was Singapore's first campus television station. In March 2007, CTV underwent a major revamp to provide a better platform of interaction between the station and its viewers.

CTV (pay television)

CTV was an analogue pay television package, available in Scandinavia. It was mostly using Norwegian satellites such as Thor 1 and Intelsat 707 to broadcast basic channels to Scandinavian homes, using the D2-MAC transmission system. CTV was operated by Telenor, who in 1997 joined forces with Multichoice (owned by Canal+) to launch the Canal Digital platform. Most of the CTV channels were closed down in September 2001.

Channels carried on CTV included:

  • CNN International
  • MTV Nordic
  • Discovery Channel/ TCC Nordic
  • Eurosport Nordic
  • Sky News & Documentaries
  • Sky Entertainment
  • Cartoon Network/ TNT
  • BBC Prime
CTV (Tennessee)

Community Television of Knoxville, or CTV Knoxville, is an American public access television station located in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. It is owned by the Knoxville City Government. Broadcast facilities are located at 808 State Street in Knoxville.