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n. 1 (context Mormonism English) (w: Choose the right) and Current Temple Recommend (document). 2 (context advertising English) click-through rate; a ratio of the number of clicks on a unit of online advertising to the number of times it is shown. 3 (context finance English) Cash Transaction Report


CTR may stand for:

  • Center for Transportation Research UT Austin, a research center at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, a company that was renamed IBM in 1924
  • Center for Turbulence Research, a research institute at Stanford University
  • AerolĂ­neas Centauro, ICAO airline designator for an airline in Mexico
In business
  • Click-through rate, a measure of the success of an online advertising campaign
  • Currency transaction report, a report about transactions that the Bank Secrecy Act requires banks to file with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Civic Type R, a car manufactured by Honda
  • Ruf CTR, a car by Ruf Automobile of Germany
In technology and science
  • Counter mode, a cryptographic mode of operation for block ciphers
  • X-ray crystal truncation rod, a technique to measure properties of crystal surfaces
  • Current Transfer Ratio in an Opto-isolator device
In medicine
  • Clinical trials registry, an official catalog for studies about health interventions, such as drugs
  • Carpal tunnel release, surgery for treating carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cardio-thoracic ratio, a measure of the size of heart
  • Capsular tension ring
  • Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction, an initiative to secure and dismantle weapons of mass destruction in former Soviet Union states
  • Chester railway station, the England railway station code
  • Competitive trail riding, an equestrian sport
  • Choose the right, a common Latter Day Saint saying, often found on a CTR ring
  • Controlled traffic region, a controlled airspace zone, typically around airports
  • Crash Team Racing, a 1999 video game for the Sony PlayStation, developed by Naughty Dog
  • Close target reconnaissance, a military term for scouting in extremely close proximity to the target
  • Contemporary Theatre Review, an academic journal published by Taylor & Francis
  • Carlton Trail Railway, a Saskatchewan shortline railway