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init. 1 (context British English) city technology college 2 (context US English) Children's Theater Company, Minneapolis, MN US 3 (context Internet English) Care to chat? 4 (context AU film classification English) check the classification. (Given to films to allow advertising prior to their official classification)


CTC may refer to:

CTC (TV station)

CTC is a television station in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. The station was the tenth to begin transmission in regional Australia, and the 26th station in Australia as a whole. CTC has an affiliation agreement to show content from the Nine Network. Just as it has had a number of owners, CTC has also had many different identities on-air – including CTC-TV, Super 7, Capital 7, Australian Capital Television, Capital 10 TV Australia, Capital Television, Ten Capital, Southern Cross Ten and Channel 9. The station is owned and operated by Southern Cross Nine.