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n. 1 {{initialism of|(w: Colorado State University)|lang=en}} 2 {{initialism of|(w: California State University)|lang=en}}


CSU may refer to:

  • Channel service unit, a Wide area network equivalent of a network interface card
  • Chari Aviation Services, Chad, by ICAO airline code
  • Christian Social Union in Bavaria (German: Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern), a political party in Bavaria, Germany
  • Civil Service Union, a defunct trade union in the United Kingdom
  • Constant speed unit, a mechanical device on an aircraft propeller that regulates engine speed by automatically changing pitch
  • Crime Scene Unit, a forensic in some police groups this refers to crime scene investigators who respond to a crime scene
  • Český statistický úřad, Czech Statistical Office

Usage examples of "csu".

Aunon, to the faculty and staff of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Colorado State University, and to the CSU chapters of HKN and IEEE, in token payment of the only other kind of moral debt that is essentially unpayable.