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CSSR may refer to:

  • Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (CSSR)
  • Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris, Latin name of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, abbreviated to C.Ss.R
  • Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, onetime name of Czechoslovakia (ČSSR)
  • Center for the Study of Science and Religion, a center inside The Earth Institute at Columbia University
  • Council with Social Services Responsibilities, part of the UK Healthcare Commission
  • Centre for Social Studies and Reforms (CSSR), based in Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Call Setup Success Rate, a term used in telecommunications denoting the percentage of the attempts to make a call which result in a connection to the dialed number
  • Canadian Society for the Study of Religion (CSSR) / Société Canadienne pour l'Étude de la Religion (SCÉR)