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init. 1 chief security officer 2 combined sewer overflow 3 community service officer 4 chief sustainability officer


CSO or C.S.O. may refer to:

  • Government statistics organizations:
    • Central Statistical Office (disambiguation)
    • Central Statistics Office (disambiguation)
    • Czech Statistical Office
    • Central Statistical Organisation, India
    • Central Statistics Organization, Afghanistan
  • other offices:
    • Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish government
  • Officers:
    • Chief Scientific Officer
    • Chief Science Officer
    • Chief Security Officer
    • Chief Signal Officer
    • Chief Strategy Officer
    • Chief Sustainability Officer
    • Combat Systems Officer (U.S. Air Force)
    • Police Community Support Officer (UK)
    • Community Service Officer (US)
    • Court security officer (disambiguation)
    • Chief Services Officer
  • Symphony orchestras:
    • Colorado Symphony Orchestra
    • Canberra Symphony Orchestra
    • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
    • Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
    • Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
    • Columbus Symphony Orchestra
    • Columbia Symphony Orchestra
  • Organizations:
    • Civil Society Organization
    • Coastal States Organization
    • Conference of Solidarity Support Organizations
  • Other:
    • Colour-separation overlay (chroma key)
    • Combined sewer overflow
    • Compulsory Stock Obligation
    • .CSO, compressed file format for ISO disc images
    • Counter-Strike Online, 2008 video game
    • Caltech Submillimeter Observatory, Mauna Kea, Hawaii
    • Magdeburg-Cochstedt Airport, Germany (IATA airport code CSO)
    • Composante Spatiale Optique, a French spy satellite
    • Carbonyl sulfide
    • Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, within the U.S. Department of State

Usage examples of "cso".

The engineers know that overflows will occur, so they have CSOs- Combined Sewer Overflows-all along the waterfront.

Dorchester Bay was a pocket of water below South Boston, ringed with sewer overflows - CSOs - but not much industry.