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init. Coal Seam Gas


CSG may stand for:

  • CSG Limited an Australian ICT company
  • Camden School for Girls, a comprehensive secondary school for girls
  • Canada Systems Group, data processing service bureaus
  • Carrier strike group, an operational formation of the US Navy
  • Centrum Schwule Geschichte (Gay History Center), Cologne, Germany
  • Centre Spatial Guyanais (Guiana Space Centre), near Kourou, rocket launch site
  • Citizens for Self-Governance, a US political organization
  • Coal seam gas, from coal beds
  • Columbus Metropolitan Airport (Georgia), US, IATA code
  • Columbus School for Girls, an elementary and secondary school for girls
  • Deji Olatunji, an English video game commentator and comedian on YouTube known as Comedy Shorts Gamer
  • Commodore Semiconductor Group, formerly MOS Technology
  • Commuter Security Group, Solna, Sweden
  • Conseil supérieur de la guerre, French military organization
  • Constructive solid geometry, a technique used in solid modeling
  • Constructible strategy game, type of tabletop strategy game
  • Context-sensitive grammar, a formal grammar
  • Corps Support Group, a brigade-sized unit in the United States Army
  • The Council of State Governments, a U.S. non-profit organization
  • Crystalline silicon on glass, see Polycrystalline silicon photovoltaics#Novel ideas for polycrystalline silicon
  • Haeco-CSG, an obsolete audio signal processing technology