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Csáki or Csáky is a Hungarian family name. It may refer to:

  • Viktória Csáki, Hungarian handballer
  • András Csáki, Hungarian musician
  • Csaba Csáki, Hungarian theoretical physicist
  • György Csáki, a Count of the Székelys (1402–1403)
  • Marianne Csaky, Hungarian writer
  • Mihály Csáky (1492–1572), Hungarian noble and statesman
  • Josef Csàky, Hungarian artist and sculptor
  • István Csáky (1894–1941), Hungarian politician
  • Pál Csáky, Slovak politician, of Hungarian minority
  • Imre Csáky (cardinal)
  • Imre Csáky (Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Albin Csáky (1841–1912), Hungarian politician
  • Károly Csáky (1873–1945), Hungarian military officer and politician