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n. (plural of crystal English)

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Crystals (Sam Rivers album)

Crystals is an avant-garde/ free jazz LP by Sam Rivers on the Impulse! label released in 1974 in a stereo/ quadraphonic format.

Crystals (song)

"Crystals" is a song written and recorded by Icelandic indie folk/indie pop band Of Monsters and Men. It is the lead single for their second studio album, Beneath the Skin. The single and album artwork has been created by artistic director Leif Podhajsky. The song appeared in The CW's "Dare to Defy" promo and the first trailer for The Good Dinosaur. The song was also featured in the soundtrack for FIFA 16.

Crystals (Eskimo Callboy album)

Crystals is the third studio album by German electronicore band Eskimo Callboy.

Two music videos were made. The first music video was for the title track, which features the band performing in a white room along with supernatural entities. The second music video was released via EMP Rockinvasion. It features the band performing in downtown in a skate park along with Sido.

Usage examples of "crystals".

Human remains, mostly, and the yellow dream crystals that had killed them.

Even girls at school had had dream crystals, assortments of them, like candies.

Those louts outside Zog had had crystals hanging around their necks, too.

All with yellow crystals in their mouths, their hands, or on thongs around their necks.

NEW TALENTS: NEW WORLDS OF SENSATION, with a display case of dream crystals glittering inside, green and violet and amber orange.

More crystals arriving every day from Fangel and all to be sold before the next lot conies.

He sighed then, taking the pouch from his belt and pouring the crystals into his palm.

He was gone the next day, and so was the whole sack of yellow crystals meant for the disposal pits.

People who should have come to Bloome to take part in festival, who should have come to buy costumes, come to buy good crystals, dead along the road!

If I had come upon that man and woman outside Bloome, for instance, sucking upon their piss-yellow crystals and lying there in their own stink.

He had showed me the blue crystals he carried, those few the Shadowman had given him in the long ago, the ones he had offered to me.

They were in his pouch, and I burrowed for it, trying to move his heavy, shrieking body aside, finally dragging it out and pouring the contents into my hand, three of the small blue crystals he had shown us in the tower of Bloome.

Queynt was sitting up, staring at his hand from which the two remaining blue crystals winked and gleamed like eyes.

The oglers drew back in dismay, some reaching for the pinkish crystals that all of them wore.

After which we must take our latest shipment of crystals and get back to our own towns, eh, Willome?