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n. one who studies cryptology


n. decoder skilled in the analysis of codes and cryptograms [syn: cryptanalyst, cryptographer]

Usage examples of "cryptologist".

In charge of finding an ideal location to eavesdrop on Russia, China, and North Korea was Navy Captain Wesley Wright, a pioneer cryptologist, who was based in Tokyo as chief of NSA Pacific.

Navy cryptologist wrote that the Naval Security Group had outlived its usefulness and that the precious money used to run it would be better spent elsewhere in the Navy.

Herbert Yardley may be the best known cryptologist, uncontestably the greatest is William Frederick Friedman.

At his death on November 2, 1969, he was widely regarded as the greatest cryptologist that science had ever seen.

Kowalefsky, the Polish cryptologist who had improved the codes that Yardley had solved, lectured on cryptanalysis, and the neophyte codebreakers cut their eyeteeth on the gray code of the U.

I made errors in judgment last night, and if those errors result in the deaths of an American professor and a DCPJ cryptologist, my career will be over.

An old professor of mine used to be a cryptologist back during the Korean War.

One cryptologist predicted that the manuscript would be easier to decipher than a newspaper cryptogram.

With such information, Allied cryptologists could discover which of their cipher systems might have been broken, and thus were vulnerable to attack.

The backlogged Cuban analysts and cryptologists of B Group were only now putting out translations of messages intercepted weeks earlier.

Among the first Army cryptologists to arrive in Vietnam was twenty-five-year-old James T.

Army and Navy cryptologists, who had read virtually every high-level code system of their World War II adversaries, could do this no more.

As time went on, the Rainfall cryptologists discovered enough toeholds in the Soviet scrambler phone so that they were able to break the system even when it was properly scrambled.

And below, in eight columns, are the names of 152 military and civilian cryptologists, intercept operators, and analysts who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Soon after the attacks, hundreds of NSA cryptologists supplemented the small CSG assigned to the U.