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CRX may refer to:

  • Cross Aviation (ICAO airline designator: CRX), a British airline
  • Crossair (former ICAO airline designator: CRX), a Swiss airline
  • CRX, an enterprise content management developed by Day Software before their acquisition by Adobe Systems
  • CRX (game engine), a derivative of Tech 2, the game engine that id Software developed for Quake II (1997)
  • CRX (gene), a human gene that plays a role in the differentiation of photoreceptor cells
  • CRX, a subarchitecture of the processor architecture CompactRISC
  • .CRX, the file extension for ZIP-compressed extensions, apps, and themes for the web browser Google Chrome
  • Honda CR-X, a Japanese sports car
  • Roscoe Turner Airport (IATA airport code: CRX), an airport in the US state of Mississippi
CRX (gene)

Cone-rod homeobox protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CRX gene.