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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crut \Crut\ (kr[u^]t), n. [Cf. F. cro[^u]te crust.] The rough, shaggy part of oak bark.


Etymology 1 n. (context mining English) A cross-measure tunnel or drift. Etymology 2

n. The rough, shaggy part of oak bark.

Usage examples of "crut".

And I suppose that you’ll go to Valencia together and we can eat goat crut in Gredos.

He looked forward with excitement, delight and sweating fear to the moment when, in the square, he would hear the clatter of the bull’s horns knocking against the wood of his travelling box, and then the sight of him as he came, sliding, braking out into the square, his head up, his nostrils wide, his ears twitching, dust in the sheen of his black hide, dried crut splashed on his flanks, watching his eyes set wide apart, unblinking eyes under the widespread horns as smooth and solid as driftwood polished by the sand, the sharp tips uptilted so that to see them did something to your heart.