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vb. (context obsolete English) (en-past of: crush)

Usage examples of "crusht".

So downe he fell before the cruell beast,Who on his necke his bloudie clawes did seize,That life nigh crusht out of his panting brest:No powre he had to stirre, nor will to rize.

Twixt his two mightie armes him vp he snatcht,And crusht his carkasse so against his brest,That the disdainfull soule he thence dispatcht,And th'idle breath all vtterly exprest:Tho when he felt him dead, a downe he kestThe lumpish corse vnto the senselesse grownd.

And eke the Bull hath with his bow-bent horneSo hardly butted those two twinnes of Ioue,That they haue crusht the Crab, and quite him borneInto the great Nemoean lions groue.